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Bicentenario Park

The Park is one of the great projects that the Municipality of Vitacura has carried out. Located on one side of the Mapocho River, it is located between the Pérez Zujovic road junction and Isabel Montt Street, being one of the main green areas of Santiago, with a total area of 27 hectares that extends along the eastern bank of the River.

It has around 4,000 trees, of which more than 1,300 are native species.

Its great attraction is the North lagoon, with entrance by Isabel Montt street, where black-necked swans, flamingos, taguas, herons and triles coexist.

Receive on average about 28,000 visits per month, who enjoy the park doing sports, sharing with family and friends the benefits of this outdoor space, participating in the many activities that take place there.

Check the main views that the Park has on its native species, lawns, activity areas and its lagoons with aquatic plants, fish and black-necked swans.

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