Eco Boutique Hotel

Hotel Bidasoa is an ecological and boutique hotel that has more than 30 years of experience in the market and has just expanded
adding 87 more rooms, all different, surprising their guests with warm, cozy and full of details.
It was founded and is operated until today by the Sanz family together with a great team of professionals.
The Hotel has parking, swimming pool, green areas, meeting rooms, bar and a restaurant that is known for providing an excellent service and a unique cuisine that combines the best of the Earth and the Chilean Sea including options for coeliacs, intolerant to lactose, vegetarians and vegans.
The Hotel seeks to create a unique experience for its guests and also an instance of rest and silence for all those who want to reconnect with nature in the middle of the city.
The Bidasoa seeks to be more aware and responsible for the environment every day, making the effort to incorporate the greatest amount of ecological practices.